Ridgefield Animal Hopsital

919 Percy Brown Road
Thibodaux, LA 70301



*****  Nutro "Chewy Apple Treats" recalled by Petsmart for mold contamination.     Bring any affected lot number bag you may have back to Petsmart for a full refund.   Not all lots are affected so you can check their website for more information.  **** and  www.fda.gov/safty/recalls

*****  Blue Buffalo Fish and Sweet Potato 30lb dry - some lots recalled for Mold.    www.fda.gov/safty/recalls

Dog on dog trauma - another pet looses his life...

         A wolf mix recently attacked a pet in Assumption Parish and this resulted in massive abdominal trauma and a broken back, requiring us to euthanize the pet.    Please be sure your pet is kept safe from larger dogs and do not go in the areas where people are walking larger, aggressive breeds even if they are on a leash.   Another recent attack at Peltier Park in Thibodaux was the result of a Pit Bull cross being allowed to attack a small pet as part of the larger dog's "training".    Charges are pending in both cases.    

Proheart 6, the "6 month" injectable heartworm prevention, is now available.   Proheart 6 had a long period of unavailability, but Zoetis is now confident that availability is no longer and issue.    Let us know if this twice yearly heartworm product is something you are interested in learning more about ( we especially like it in dogs that leave the owner for periods of time - show dogs, hunting dogs, shared custody pets, dogs that are boarded frequently, etc. )

Seasonal warnings...


1:  Christmas is around the corner.  Our top emergencies revolve around pets eating things they shouldn't.  This involves:

             - Food - keep your pets on their regular diets.  Fatty foods, spicy foods and rich or chocolate candies can cause serious illness. 

             - Foreign object ingestion - dogs swallowing parts of toys and cats swallowing yarn or string from decorations top our list, and can result in serious surgery.

2:  Cold weather hazards:

             - All pets outdoors need increased food for the calories required to keep warm, as well as a shelter for protection from the weather and conservation of their body 

               heat.    Puppies, kittens and geriatric patients need to be indoors when the temperatures start getting below 40 degrees.

             - Antifreeze containing Ethylene Glycol is almost uniformly fatal if treatment is not sought immediately after oral exposure.       Use pet safe antifreeze in your vehicles, but

               be aware that some people do not.  Be especially suspicious of green fluids in parking areas and keep your pet away, as they are sweet tasting and even small

               amounts that they may groom off their feet may cause kidney problems or failure.  

3:  Mardi Gras:  

                - Our special holiday can be a problem with ingestion of small toys and other objects meant for humans to play with.  Ensure that your pet only plays with

                toys that are pet safe.

                - Also avoid your pets getting injured by being to close to crawfish boiling pots being emptied and never allow your pet to eat spicy crawfish - peeled or whole!


The addition is done!  Our addition is complete.  It is added 2 new exam rooms, a special ultrasound and dental area, gives more office space to Deby our office manager, the receptionists, the doctors, and relocated the staff lounge.  Also included was finishing part of the upstairs attic into usable space.  These changes will allow better utilization of the front area of the clinic.  By having more exams, we can facilitate getting upset pets in a room faster ( great for cats ! ), provide flow for doctors seeing one patient while waiting on testing to be completed on another, and provide more privacy for serious cases, emergencies, and euthanasia appointments.  The new special proceedures/dental area helps us be more efficient in the treatment area - a traffic issue on busy days!  All in all, the changes will help us continue to provide the services you seek but hopefully do so more efficiently.

Digital Dental Radiography/ Dental equipment - We have acquired state-of-the-art dental equipment.  Our staff continues to attend continuing education on this very important facet of health care for your pet . Digital radiographs allow us to find problems deep in the tooth root so that we can extract or treat that tooth in a timely fashion, and the new dental unit allows your pet to have their work done faster, helping us keep anesthesia time to a minimum.  Dental disease is painful to pets, and the bacteria involved in infected roots spreads to important organs like the kidney and the heart through the bloodstream.  Providing needed dental care has been shown to lengthen a pet's life by an average of 2 years

Pet Health Insurance: the US is No.1 in the world in available pet health care, but lags behind in the number of pets covered by pet health insurance, which better allows owners to opt for the best care for their pet.  For more information ask any of our staff, and check out the websites listed on our "Pet Insurance Page".


Thibodaux has a dog park!   Thanks to all who have come together to make the dog park a reality.  These areas can be great ways to get your pet some exercise, learn dog and human socialization skill, and for you to meet other like-minded pet people!

However, there are some simple rules that need to be followed to help keep your pet safe and happy

   1)  Keep your pet up to date on vaccinations.  For human protection, Rabies vaccination has to be given yearly ( in Lafourche and Terribonne parishes ) .  For your pet, Kennel cough, Parvo, Distemper and other diseases can be picked up in areas where many dogs frequent. 

   2)  Don't bring a young puppy to the playground until it has had at least 2 sets of vaccinations.

   3)  Keep your pet on its flea, tick and heartworm prevention to prevent fleas and/or ticks from coming home with you, and most heartworm preventatives contain medication that deworms your pet monthy in case there are dogs shedding worms at the park.

   4)  Be sure to put your pet in the proper section of the park - one area is for larger dogs, one for smaller

   5)  Keep an eye on your pet and watch how new aquantances react with your pet.   Pets growl and make overtures to each other as they try and figure out their place, but correct your pet if this happens often or call your pet to you if another pet's behavior seems to escalate. 

If you have any questions concerning behavior problems or training, please call our office. One of our doctors will be glad to discuss breed selection, local trainers, and referral to a board certified veterinary behavioralist if necessary. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to have a happy and healthy relationship with your pet as a member of your family for a very long time!





Recalls ...

FDA Recall Website - for all your pet food and treat recall questions you can visit www.fda.gov/Safty/Recalls/ucm228986.htm





Feral cats and wild bird populations  ...  Feral cats are responsible for the extinction of 33 species of birds, killing over 480 million birds a year.   Please neuter your pet cat, keep it indoors, and discourage "dumping" cats out in the wild as an acceptable method of "re-homing" unwanted cats.


Rabies: Rabies is not common in our area, but we must remain vigilant as the disease is always fatal in both humans and pets.

   1) Vaccinate your pet annually (Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes require yearly vaccinations).  This protects your pet as well as you! Dogs and cats

                 are often thought of by law, but horses can be vaccinated as well, and it is especially recommended in those that travel out of state.

   2) Keep outdoor feeding areas to a minimum, as foods left out at night attract wildlife such as raccoons, who can carry rabies.

   3) Do not attempt to pet wild or stray animals.

   4) Do not keep wild animals as pets.  State wildlife laws prohibit this, and there are no rabies vaccines approved for use in wild animals.  Other problems, such a parasite issues, can be serious as well.

   5) Report any animal bite wound to your doctor.  If possible (and can be done safely), retain the animal that caused the bite, so quarantine or testing can be done.