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                    Pet Health Library

At the bottom of this page, Ridgefield Animal Hospital provides you with a full library of pet medical information  from the Veterinary Information Network.  VIN is the world's first and largest online veterinary community, where new articles are added weekly by the experts at VIN to make sure that our readers have the most current veterinary information available.

As with all information, specific details may or may not relate to your pet's condition.  Never institute changes in your pet's treatment without first checking with your pet's primary doctor. 

With all the diagnostic devices and tests available and all of the information, good and bad, that is out there on "the net", remember that the most important proceedure we do to get "a handle" on your pet's condition is the physical exam.  While we may be able to help you over the phone with problems that are well documented in your pet, if a significant change occurs your pet will likely need another examination.