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Being prepared, like the Boy Scouts, is always preferable in the event of an emergency. There are many emergencies that can be prepared for, and hurricanes top the list for many locals. See our Disaster Check List. It was made with hurricane evacuation in mind, but the list can also be used to prepare for other disasters that may come our way. House fires, sudden family illness, flooding and other situations can require us to go on autopilot and accomplish much in a short period of time, and it is much easier if a plan is already in place for the care of your pets.

Preparedness can include reading about common pet emergencies that affect the species you have, and being prepared with knowledge and supplies in case the worse happens.

Be prepared by knowing our emergency number (985) 446-8824 and knowing what to expect when you call. Some basic information will have to be gathered by the answering service personel in case a call gets dropped. If possible, the service will connect you straight to the doctor on call, or if that is not immediately possible, they will reach the doctor and have them return your call. Be assured that we do this as rapidly as we can, as we know just how upsetting an emergency can be. Unfortunately, we do sometimes get more than one call at a time to deal with, and we must handle the most severe case first.

In preparation of a pet emergency at home, go over our What do I do? and Emergency Planning page, as it will list some examples of emergencies and suggestions for supplies to have on hand for your pet.

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