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Say "hello!" to Clyde! Clyde is a 17 year old Blue and Gold Macaw. He is enjoying some time - under supervision - in a redbud tree.

Exotic pets, which are defined as those that are not domesticated like the cat, dog, or horse, can be very fulfilling to pet owners who seek relationships with creatures who are a bit "out of the ordinary". However, this same "out of the ordinary" part makes their care more time consuming and difficult than the average pet, and requires a significant amount of dedication.

The veterinians at Ridgefield Animal Hospital are happy to assist you in caring for your exotic pet. Our goal is to promote wellness by using periodic examinations to catch problems early and using these visits to provide the information you will need to successfully keep your pet . Veterinarians at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine who are Exotic Animal Specialists are able to take referrals of difficult cases.

The following page on exotic wellness will help you decide if exotic pet ownership is for you, and to inform you of all the different resources you have for providing the right environment so your exotic can live a long, healthy, and interesting life.

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