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Quality Pet Care: Can It Be More Affordable?

When we have pets we expect expenses.   Pet food, pet supplies and grooming dominate routine expenses for our pets, but routine/wellness veterinary care cannot be forgotten.   In addition, unexpected bills for emergencies and illnesses are another reason an affordable veterinary financial plan is important.

Our goal here at Ridgefield is to provide routine/wellness services for the prevention of disease, as well as for the early diagnosis of problems, so we can avoid medical issues spiraling into an emergency visit or prolonged hospital stay.  Unfortunately, the cost of staying on schedule with recommended visits can be significant.   Once a problem does occur, the cost of treatment and medications can be a financial hardship, with the life of a pet on the line.    The following 3 programs can help with the financial end of obtaining great health care for your pet:

Petly Wellness Plans

Petly Wellness Plans are now available at Ridgefield.   These plans revolve around routine wellness visits. This can include routine vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries for puppies and kittens and screening lab work and routine dental cleaning for adult pets.   The plan allows the owner to spread the cost of these needed wellness items over the course of 12 months   through automatic monthly bank or credit card withdrawals.  The program has a one time start-up fee as long as the plan is renewed annually, and has perks such as free nail trims, ear cleanings and examination co-pays.  We will customize the plan for your pet's particular needs each year.   

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Although pet insurance for illness and emergencies has been available from many sources, we have recently partnered with Trupanion for their unique payment program.     In the past, owners were responsible for their pet's charges at checkout, and had to wait for reimbursement from their insurance company.  Trupanion pays their share (normally 80% after deductible) of your pet's bill at the time of checkout (though some wait may occur, if it is an office visit, for the records to be completed and transmitted).   Through our software, they can also pre-approve procedures, so you know up front what your portion of the estimate will be.   As a current promotion, your pet can receive 30 days of free coverage when you visit us for an exam.   (

Care Credit

Care Credit has been available through Ridgefield and other health care providers for several years now (you can even use it for your own dentist and doctor care!).    Care Credit allows any charge, wellness or unplanned emergency, to be financed.   You can apply for a "no interest for 6 months" plan with Care Credit, and sign up and approval can be done from your home ( )  


As you can see, each of these products can help make pet care easier for you to provide your pets with monthly payments verses paying large bills outright.   Petly Wellness Plan allows you to spread out the cost of the entire year of vaccine visits as well as spay/neuter surgery for a puppy or kitten, which can take the sting out of bringing a new pet home!    It also allows owners of mature pets to afford routine dental care and screening for diseases, which can help your pet live a longer, heathier life. Trupanion's monthly premium allows them to step in when illness or accidents occur, and Care Credit can be utilized any time you may need to spread the cost of any pet care over a period of time.

If you have interest or questions about any of these programs, please give us a call.   We will be happy to go over your options with you.   

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