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Hours and Emergencies

All routine admissions and discharges are done during normal office hours.

Appointments: We try our best to accomodate everyone's schedules and needs when it comes to appointments for their pet's medical care. You may find that you have to call a few days in advance if a particular doctor is requested, or if a particular day or time is needed (especially our 7pm nights or Saturdays).

We do leave appointment blocks open each day for sick pets to be seen in a timely fashion. These blocks are often filled by midmorning, so it is important that you call us as soon as you see your pet needs care. You may have fewer choices in doctor or times when this occurs. If we are completely booked, your pet will be seen as an urgent care patient. There are normally additional charges for this, as our staff will often need to stay past normal closing to take care of the appointments that have then run late, and also do in-hospital treatments.

Drop-off appointments are also available when a regular appointment won't work out for a variety of reasons. Drop-offs are normally brought in during the morning and stay several hours. They are seen by the doctor who is doing surgeries and drop-offs that day, and are seen in order of severity between surgical cases. In most cases, they are ready for pick up by mid-afternoon. Please be sure to leave a phone number where we can reach you in case there are any questions about your pet's case or if we need to get permission for testing, sedation, or treatment.

Emergency Care

Emergency Care: Our clients should call our main telephone number (985) 446-8824 for weekday, holiday and weekend after-hour emergencies . Our answering service will connect you to the doctor who is on-call, or will relay your phone number and a message so that they may return your call if they are currently assisting another emergency. Your patience is appreciated when there are multiple pets requiring care, as the most serious cases will be seen first. We take all of our client emergencies in-house.

Please do not attempt to come to the hospital without contacting the answering service, as we do not have a doctor in the building 24 hours a day. Doing so may delay the care your pet requires, including important instructions for transporting your pet or treatments to provide in route.

Also, please remember that our doctors work a full schedule during the week and provide emergency services in addition to their normal hours. Please be considerate of their personal time. To prevent delays in obtaining medical care, do not leave an ill pet until after hours if at all possible. A full work-up or major surgery is best performed when the hospital is fully staffed.

Some emergency cases can require specialized care. We refer these cases to MedVet in Metairie and to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in Baton Rouge . Both facilities employ veterinarians in all the major specialties, including critical care, cardiology, internal medicine, neurology, oncology and surgery. They also have 24 hour staffing of their ICU units and have advanced equipment such as MRI's and CT scanners. These facilities require down payments in the amount of the estimate given to be able to admit a patient for treatment.

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