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Ridgefield is happy to announce our new online pharmacy!  Using the Vets First Choice online pharmacy site is just like purchasing the product at our hospital except that there are more options and delivery is available.   Things like heartworm product guarantees are through us, and we handle any issues you may have with products.   

As a small business ( even though we seem large!) we have seen increasing issues with stocking every size and type of food and medication for every size and type of pet.    Add to that the number of pets that require special compounding of medications, and we found it necessary to find a pharmacy that could fill all of these needs.    Vets First Choice handles a large variety of pet supplies,  nutritional supplements,  special diets, and other non-prescription items, as well as specialty medications that we cannot stock due to the rarity of need.  For prescription medications, all we need to do is request the proper medication, dose, and even flavor when possible, and the pharmacy will contact you for payment and shipping information.   That prescription can then be refilled easily from home.

While we will always carry frequently needed items in our pharmacy for immediate needs, Vets First Choice will allow for long term medications to be sent straight to your home.    Large quantity discounts or bottle prices are available on some chronic medications as well.  Through this, we have knowledge of your record of purchase and it is tracked in your pet's medical record just as if you had purchased it from us directly.     

And while diet therapy is extremely important when treating many medical conditions,  there are now so many types and flavors and sizes that it has become impossible for us to cary them all.    Through Vets First Choice,  you can get your pets particular diet delivered directly to your doorstep.

You can access our on-line store at

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