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Pet Health Insurance

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Pet health insurance is not a new concept, but it is one that has become more readily available and is more affordable than ever. With the advent of so many state-of-the-art proceedures available to pet owners for their companion animals, many equal to what is available on the human side of medicine and surgery, the costs of providing this kind of care have increased dramatically ( still, veterinary care is quite a bargain when considering costs of human care before insurance! ).

Owners wishing to provide their pets with this kind of care are wise to plan for how they will take care of these costs.

Pet health insurance is available through several vendors in the US and Canada and these can be located through an internet search. We do not sell policies but do suggest that you research all of your available options. VPI, or Veterinary Pet Insurance ( is one of the largest, and has been in business over 20 years. Pets Best ( ) is a newer company but was started with the expertise of the veterinarian who started VPI. Now, even the AKC, the ASPCA and other groups have policies available for your pet.

Other vendors that can be located on the internet include:
AKC Pet Health Plan
Pet Care Pet Insurance
Pet Protect
Pets Best
Pets Health Care Plan
Petplan Insurance
VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance)

We do not directly bill insurance companies. Normally, the owner of the policy is reimbursed for charges covered by their carrier. Pet insurance often covers 80% of the incurred charges, and is a huge help in providing needed major medical or surgical care while protecting the pet owner from incurring debt. Also available from some vendors are policies for routine vaccinations and neutering. Aways inquire about the company's coverage of hereditary and/or pre-existing disease conditions.

Lastly, mortality coverage can also be purchased from many sources - this is especially important for expensive purchases such as show dogs and performance horses.

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