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Starting your puppy off right requires that you schedule a new pet exam, ideally the same day that you get your new friend, or within the first 48 hours. We at Ridgefield feel that the exam is the single most important thing that we do. The reason is that the exam may reveal serious problems that may make neccessary the return of your pet, or we may find minor problems that can be dealt with before they turn into bigger issues.

An important part of this first visit is getting an idea of the new adoptee's vaccine history and planning its future vaccines to prevent the often serious puppyhood diseases that we commonly see. All puppies should receive the basic vaccines listed below thru the 1st Annual Vaccination. At the second annual vaccination, your veterinarian will discuss your pet's lifestyle and exposure possibilities for the various diseases we can vaccinate against, and together we will arrive at a customized plan for your pet.

6-8 weeks exam, fecal, Distemper/Parvo/AdenovirusStart heartworm prevention and flea prevention the fecal is a very important part of this exam even if your pet was "dewormed". General dewormers do not kill parasites like coccidia and giardia.

Also included is the first Parvo vaccine. Do not bring your pup to public places until all of the Parvo boosters are complete, including pet shops and grooming establishments.
12 weeks exam, Distemper/Parvo/Adenovirus,Bordetella (kennel cough This booster set includes a vaccine that will help prevent or decrease the severity of a common contagious cough of dogs, seen mostly in group or "kennel" situations including grooming shops, dog shows, and pet hospitals.
16 weeks exam, final boosters of the Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella,Rabies This is the last set of puppy vaccinations. A current weight will determine if your pet needs any adjustment in heartworm or flea medication doses, and your pet will receive a rabies tag at this point. Their next vaccinations, which will consist of the ones given today, will be one year from now.
6 months Bordetella booster If your pet is on the show circuit, or boards or travels frequently, twice yearly vaccinations for "Kennel Cough" may be recommended.
1yr 4 months exam, Distemper/Parvo/AdenovirusBordetella, RabiesHeartworm and fecal check First Annual exam and vaccinations. A booster of all of the routine vaccinations and parasite checks are standard, as well as a thorough physical exam and weight check.

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