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The Loss of a Pet


There is never anything easy about the death of a pet. It is the price we pay for enjoying their company and companionship over their lifespans, which rarely equal our own. The grief we feel when a pet dies is as real and as emotional as any death we experience, and sometimes our friends and loved ones don't completely understand. All of us here at Ridgefield have experienced these loses and are here to support you as you journey on without your companion.

Pets are such a gift - we have a hard time comprehending the unconditional love and understanding they give to us. The simplest of creatures can teach us so much. Their beauty and energy bring a dimension to our lives that can't be duplicated by inanimate objects and possessions. When they leave us, they leave a void that takes time to heal. Many of us think we could never go through that pain again, but many times that empty spot isn't quite right until it is occupied again. We don't replace our beloved pet with another, we just offer the shelter of our hearts to another pet who is in need of our love as much as we are in need of theirs.

Grief counseling is available locally through many licensed professional therapists who understand the loss of a pet. The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine also has counselors on staff who specialize in the loss of pets and in the decision making process surrounding euthanasia.

Our veterinary staff here at Ridgefield also understands the difficulty that surrounds loosing a pet, especially having to decide to humanely end a pet's life. One of the doctors is always available to talk with you about any decisions you need to make. It is important that you have any questions that you may have about your pet's condition, treatment options, and quality of life issues answered so that you can choose to continue to treat an ill pet for a period of time, or provide your pet with a humane passing when it become necessary.

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